Riley G responds to CSICOP,
Skeptics and others!

I am sorry that those CSICOP, Skeptic, and James Randi cult fans are trying to spin the truth on my positive Remote Viewings and other successful psychic articles with their own negative spin. Nothing new here, and in my opinion they are just a bunch of kooks with nothing better to do.

This is nothing new for me as CSICOP, Skeptics and James Randi sent out email a few years ago to do this every time I posted an article, appeared in their area, talked on radio or television. These actions show the true side of their nature. They are trying to grab straws and discredit everything that I and a handful of other psychics are saying. This could be because of my associations with Uri Geller, or that I stand up against them and don't back down to their penny ante crap!

I love how each and every noted skeptic wants a private test of my abilities. Well Sci-Kooks, this will never happen, as you know that I don't perform tests for you.

They want a test, then let them go to school and take them, or teach school and give them.

Here is a picture of James Randi and other Skeptics (Penn & Teller) showing there true feelings about so called Psychics and those whom believe in it. Know how can James Randi offer a so called psychic challenge when he is so biased against the proof of said psychic events or psychics?

Lifted from James Randi's homepage
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