Psychic viewing:
July 16th, 1997 02:15hrs EST

Serial Killer
Andrew Cunanan

After the killing of Gianni Versace, I saw the following in my Remote Viewing.

  • Cunanan walked back to the underground garage and did a quick change of cloths from the backpack.

  • Cunanan then got into a grayish in color vehicle (Mercedes Benz), or it could have been a blue female type bicycle that was lying in the rear of the truck. Cunanan then drove/rode away as if nothing happened.

  • Cunanan may have rode the bicycle to the aforementioned vehicle miles from the scene.

  • The leaving of Miami may come days later.

  • I see Cunanan driving towards Tampa, Florida on his way to New Orleans.

  • I believe that his next victim after leaving Miami will come from New Orleans.

  • After New Orleans I see Cunanan driving to Charleston, NC for his next victim.

  • Next Cunanan will be traveling back to the Dallas, TX or Oklahoma City area.

  • After a short while I saw Cunanan traveling to the Washington state area for killings in Seattle, Portland and then Boise, Idaho.

  • Then I see Cunanan traveling back to the Los Angeles area and later San Diego.

  • Is using the moniker DeSilva after the name Albert DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler

Note that this Remote Viewing may not be 100% accurate, and is as I saw it if Cunanan is not captured before he strikes again. I have other information that will only be revealed to the FBI or Police Agencies concerned into the M.O. of selecting his victims.

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