What is
Remote Viewing?
  • Remote viewing: The ability to "see" from far away, objects as large as an airport and details as minute as a needle in a haystack
  • Telepathy: The ability to experience thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of a distant person
  • Precognition: A knowledge of future events that cannot be perceived by any known means

The fact that both the U.S. and Soviet governments have taken serious interest in the development of these psychic abilities - "Remote Viewing", Telepathy, Precognition, and Psychokinesis - may come as a surprise to you. Even a couple of decades ago, educated opinion tended to hold that such phenomena had been discredited. Since then, attitudes have changed. For example, it appears from survey data that highly educated people now are more inclined than others to see psychic abilities as a puzzle well worth investigating and potentially significant to understanding the human condition.

Psychic functioning has been found to be so dependable that police departments all over the world have employed psychic detectives at times to aid them in solving dead end and difficult crimes and locating missing persons, and archaeologists have used remote viewing to locate buried ruin and artifacts.

* Note that Riley G is a natural born remote viewer and not government trained, and he does not follow the so called standards set by other agencies.

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