Riley G's Psychic Vision

Psychic offers Spokane police help in solving crime
by Scott Fralick

 SPOKANE, December 30 - News of Spokane’s string of murders is receiving national attention. The story has made headlines around the country and even some international attention.
    One of those people taking note of the story is a retired New York City police officer who has an unusual method for solving crimes.
    Riley G., as he calls himself, claims to help police forces around the country solve crimes.
    He says he does so using psychic methods. Riley says he can use his extra sensory perception to provide investigators with clues.
    One of those cases, according to Riley, was the
Green River killings in Seattle. During that spree in the 1980’s, dozens of women were murdered.
    Riley says his psychic powers have shown him that there were two or three
green river killers. And Riley believes that at least one of the men is still alive.
    He says the suspect’s first and last name began with the letter “A”
    Riley has contacted the Spokane Police via e-mail, offering his services free of charge in the investigation of the homicides.
    Riley says he never charges police department for his help in solving crimes.
    If Spokane police take Riley up on his offer, it would be the first time they used a psychic to help solve a crime. That’s according to spokesman Dick Cottam.

Autopsies performed on murdered women
SPOKANE, December 30 - Autopsies performed Tuesday confirm that two women found murdered last week were shot to death.
    The bodies of Shawn McClenahan, 39 and Laurie Wason, 31, were found on 14th Street and Carnahan last Friday.
    The two are the latest victims in a series of homicides in Spokane. Seven women have been found murdered since August. Six of those victims were shot to death.
    All the victims had ties to the city’s drug and prostitution community.
    Currently, a task force of Spokane County sheriff’s deputies and city police are logging hundreds of tips, looking for common clues. Those tips are being logged into an FBI computer program called “Rapid Start.”
    Some of the tips are from previous cases that could have a connection to the recent wave of murders.
    Adding to the urgency to solve this case is another city prostitute who remains missing. Linda Marie Maybin, 34, has not been seen for months.

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