Serial Killer in Spokane, WA.
Riley G's Psychic Vision!

The following psychic profile of the Spokane, Washington Serial Killer. Released to the public January 01, 1998 since the Spokane Police Department, nor any other investigative agency has contacted me regarding this matter, I am releasing this viewing to the public.

  • In the initial psychic flashes I see KNOWN prostitutes being picked up by a male that may have had relationships or dates with them the past.

  • During the murders the suspect is employed on a regular basis, something to do with a construction related field.

  • I believe that the suspect drives a pick-up truck and also has a small blue or light colored car.

  • The suspect comes from a broken home. Possibly the mother was killed by the father some years ago.I see the suspect being divorced or separated at the time. I also see the suspect living with a close relative or family member.

  • The suspect has some sort of police record also. These arrests my be related to drugs and picking up prostitutes, along with other assorted charges.

  • In regards to one or more of the victims, I see some body part being removed. I can not tell what it is, maybe the hands or fingers of one or more victims have been removed!

  • This suspect is around 33 to 36 years of age, male, average height (5'9' to 5'11'), medium colored hair (Reddish to light brown).

  • I sense the suspects first name to be Richard (Rich) or John, but may go under a moniker. I think that I have a last name or close match, but will not release this on the web page.

  • Motive: I see drugs and money as being involved in the motive for the murders, added to his memory of his Mother being killed by the Father.

  • Trigger to killings: The suspect being divorced or separated has a fantasy of killing his ex-wife (wife) and is acting out this fantasy in the killings of the prostitutes. The killings will become more bizarre as they continue and as the suspects fantasies grow and become more outrageous.

  • Yes, the Serial Killer will strike again!

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