Atlanta Serial Bomber on the loose
Riley G's Psychic Viewing of a Serial Bomber


After a recent live radio interview for S.W. Networks and "The Edge Of Reality" show on the date of 01-18-1997, I had the following psychic flash while returning home after the show.

I feel that the 1996 Summer Olympics bombing is related to the recent double bombing of an Abortion Clinic in Atlanta. Now the question is. Who did these terrorist acts against the World Community , US Government and people, that has left two people dead?

In my psychic viewing I saw a male that had tried to become an Atlanta Police Officer during the period of 1993 - 1995, but was turned down for psychological reasons. I believe this male is between the ages of 32 and 38 years of age. He has some sort of Military Service were he dealt with explosives or munitions. He may have even been a former Police Officer who was fired or retired for the aforementioned mental reasons. I also sense that he is very smart, and had some sort of frontal head injury related to a childhood incident. As a child he had a hobby or passion with fireworks. This hobby turned evil as it lead him to blowing up small toys and insects at first and then moved onto smaller animals.

The reason for the bombings in my psychic viewing was to show the State, City and Federal Police agencies that he is smarter than they are. First in the Olympic Bombing, he was showing the Atlanta Police that he was able to surpass their security (Even if there was a lack of security at the entrance to the park.), and to embarrass the City and Nation. In the Atlanta Double Abortion bombings, the bombs at the abortion clinic were not aimed at the clinic. Instead, the first bombing was used to gather the Police Officials to the scene with the hopes of using the second bomb which he set to explode some minutes after the original to kill those Police and Rescue personnel that responded to the scene. This shows a knowledge of police procedures, and the lack of these guidelines being followed by the responding officers. It appears that all efforts of the rescue personnel was directed towards finding injured people at the scene rather than searching for possible second and third bombs that may have been planted as secondary explosions.

I feel that this person will attempt even bigger explosions in the future, if not stopped!

Feb. 23, 1997
Possible Serial Bombing Probed

Investigators in Atlanta are looking for any evidence that a bomb that exploded at a gay and lesbian nightclub on Friday may have been set by the same person or group that detonated two other bombs in the city over the past seven months. A police cordon seals off streets for several blocks around The Otherside Lounge as agents from the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Georgia state police and local law enforcement agencies searched for pieces of shrapnel and other evidence. Officials say the attack is similar to a January double-bombing at an abortion clinic and the deadly Centennial Olympic Park bombing last July. Five people were hurt in the Friday night blast.

FBI: Same group in 3 Atlanta bombings

EXCEPT from the United Press International / Fri, 7 Mar 1997
NEW YORK, March 7 (UPI) -- Time Daily, the magazine's on-line news service, is reporting that the FBI has concluded a single group could be behind three bombings in Atlanta in the last nine months. Time, citing unnamed government sources, says the FBI believes bombings at the Olympic Park complex, an abortion clinic and a gay nightclub in Atlanta were carried out by the same group or person.

Edge Of Reality
Radio Program: March 29th, 1997

I have been telling people on this web site page about my Remote Viewing of the Atlanta Serial Bomber for several months. I had sent out this present web site press release on 01-18-1997. Some three weeks after I posted it the news come forth that a possible serial bomber was at play in Atlanta, after the bomber stuck again at the gay night club. This can be verified by SW Networks - Edge Of Reality personal and others. On 03-29-1997 while Live on the Edge Of Reality radio program I told the listeners that the bomber would be striking again in about three weeks or so.
I have since had more insights into the bombers identity. Besides being a former cop that was fired, or a person that was turned down for psych reasons in the time frame I mentioned in my web site, I also picked up that this bomber is striking the Atlanta PD because the for mentioned reasons plus the fact that Atlanta has an Afro-American Mayor and Afro-American Police Chief. I would also include a search for a cop that was fired for his brutality against Afro-American's or the Atlanta PD applicant that was discharged for his psych test for paranoid delusions mixed with his racial problems, and also being Homo-phobic.

Update June 09th, 1997
FBI Makes Public Bomb Letters, Seek Help

More to follow!

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