Charles May AKA: Tarzan
Arrested for:
Criminal Possession of a Loaded Weapon (CPW)
Grand Larceny Auto (GLA)
Criminal Possession of Stolen Property (CPSP)
Resisting Arrest (RA).

Added charges:
Attempted Murder
Numerous Robberies, and related crimes.

Arrested by P.O. Riley G and partner P.O. Ronald Fagan on March 01, 1989 at 04:00 hrs.

 While on patrol in the confines of the 0'84 pct in downtown Brooklyn, I had a premonition to turn at a corner and check out a white in color car that was parked some two blocks up the street. There was no real reason to do this, I just had one of my psychic flashes that something was up with this vehicle. 

As I drove up to the car with my partner, Ron Fagan, there turned out to be three people in the car. As we approached the driver started the car and drove away. I hit the lights and siren to pull them over. The car pulled over some two blocks away. I approached the drivers side of the vehicle and a black male got out of the car and approached me, I told him to get back into the car and shut off the car motor as I did not like the bad feelings I was getting from this man. Fagan was covering my back from the rear of the suspect vehicle. As the man got back into the vehicle, he slammed it into gear and sped off down the road with the two other occupants of the vehicle. Ron and I gave chase in our marked Police Car.

About a mile or so into the chase, we were some 4 city blocks away when we noticed the suspect vehicle crash into the side of a building as he tried to make a right turn on a ice covered street, the three suspects run up the street they just crashed at. As we approached the scene I told Ron to duck down as I sensed that the driver had a gun and was about to shoot us as I drove up. Sure enough as I turned the same corner the suspect just crashed, the suspect driver was standing there with a gun pointed at our Police car. I slammed our Police car into several parked vehicles to keep from hitting bystanders that were just leaving a local nightclub, and to keep from getting shot. I put a call out over the radio for a 10-13 (Police needs assistance, NOW). The suspect fled up the street and Ron and I started into a foot pursuit of the would be cop shooter. Ron and I lost the suspect for about 3 minutes before, during this time the area was getting saturated with cops from my precinct and all surrounding precincts. Ron and I informed all the cops what was going on and we continued our search as well as some 50 other cops that just arrived on the scene.

Ron and I continued our search by back-tracking when we both noticed a small alleyway. Ron and I both knew that the suspect had hidden himself in this place. We entered the alley and found the suspect hidden inside a trash container. After a brief struggle the suspect was arrested and transported the 0'88 Police station for processing, as we arrested the suspect in another Police precincts jurisdiction.

As we were processing the suspect we noticed the same suspects picture on the 0'88 pct's wall for Attempted Murder, Robberies in Manhattan. Charles May had shot a man in an elevator robbery when the man did not take his Rolex watch off fast enough for his liking. Charles May (Tarzan) had been on a robbery spry for months in the Manhattan, and vowed to kill any cop who tried to arrest him. We had just arrested one of NYC's Most Wanted Criminals. All this from a psychic feeling. By the way the car was stolen that Tarzan was driving, he also had 8 grams of Crack on his person besides the loaded .380 semi-automatic pistol.

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