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KOBE, Japan - update 970626
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Excepts from Japan newspaper dated June 27th, 1997
One month after the severed head of 11-year-old Jun Hase was found in Suma Ward, Kobe, police are intensifying efforts to find the boy's killer by focusing on video rental stores.

Hyogo prefectural police obtained lists from video rental stores in western Kobe and neighboring Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, of customers who often rent horror movies. Police will use the lists to identify those living in the area where Hase's remains were found.

My comments:
It appears to me that the Police Agencies in Japan are doing a detailed investigation. The problem lies in the fact that the killers identity will not be found in movie rental records of this sort. People tend to believe that this simple answer will uncover this monster, when the truth is that this killer's motive does not come from a video rental. If anything at all, he owns this type of movie, this would allow him to watch it and receive his sexual gratification from it at his leisure. The true reason of this growing killers motive comes from years of turmoil and the desire to strike back at his society and family members.

During the last week this web site has received over 1,200 hits from the country of Japan in regards to this matter. It's just a matter of time before I am asked (invited) to help in this matter. And I am READY to help capture this MONSTER!

Update 970627
My added comments:
I have just read that there have been numerous beheaded and mutilated dead animals and such around the area of the Kobe killing dump site. This has major impact on the case and search for the killer. The Police should look for a juvenile male under the age of 16 that lives in the immediate areas surrounding the sites.

The actions of these past animal and mammal mutilations show the signs of a growing monsterous killer and should not be overlooked.

HOT News Flash:

Japanese police make arrest in beheading of schoolboy
9.11 a.m. EDT (1311 GMT) June 28, 1997
By Joji Sakurai, Associated Press

TOKYO (AP) — Police today arrested a junior high school student who confessed to the May killing of an 11-year-old boy whose severed head was found in a schoolyard.

The 14-year-old suspect, whose name was not released, lived in the neighborhood in the western city of Kobe where the victim's body was found, police said.

The head of Jun Hase, eyes gouged out and mouth split open from ear to ear, was found by a custodian outside the gate of a Kobe junior high just after sunrise on May 27.

In a note stuck in the mentally retarded boy's mouth, the killer called the police "fools'' and boasted of enjoying nothing more than seeing people die. Residents and police feared he would strike again.

The arrest of such a young suspect was a surprise. Several people reported seeing a man in his 30s or 40s around the school just before Hase's head was found, and police appeared to have few other leads.

The killing shocked Japan, known for its safe streets and scarce violent crime. Police announced the arrest in a nationally televised news conference.

The murder terrified the neighborhood. Parents and teachers led children to and from schools in groups, often with patrol car escorts. Parks emptied and residents stocked up on alarms that a child could set off if accosted by a stranger.

National broadcaster NHK reported that police had been led to the young suspect as they investigated bizarre killings of pigeons and other small animals in the area.

Police had suspected the killer may have had other victims. In March, a girl died after being bludgeoned in the neighborhood. Less than an hour later, another girl was stabbed in the chest and nearly bled to death.

Case Closed ?????


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