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“G” Whizz
Barry Williams

In a curious post script to the preceding story, a couple of weeks after Geller and his associates had departed our shores, I was alerted to a message which had appeared in the Internet computer news group, “sci.skeptic” in which my name was mentioned. The message came from someone who styled himself “Riley G, International Psychic Detective” and he mentioned meeting me while in Australia where he had been investigating a serial killer. He also claimed that he had received “major media coverage” (I suggested the Chicken Breeders Gazette), and that within a few weeks, “downunder septics” (psychics are renowned for their Wildean wit) would “blow their stacks” over some information he would reveal.

I had never heard of Riley G, although I was introduced to someone when I met Geller. As I didn’t understand a word he said, I paid him little attention. He claims that he is a former New York policeman who uses psychic means to solve crimes. By the tone of some other messages on the news group, his claims are treated with more than a little scepticism by other Americans.

As for Mr G’s investigation of the horrifying “Backpacker” murders, news reports have stated that the police had received thousands of calls from the public, “including psychics” about the matter. I spoke to a police contact and asked him what he knew of Riley G and the response was transmitted over the news group. “What’s Riley G? Some kind of Irish breakfast cereal?” This must have stung Mr G, although it seemed to delight his critics, because he responded with a personal attack on me, including the fact that I had “rushed up stairs” to meet Geller and him. That certainly would have been a paranormal event as about the best speed my arthritic knees allow is a sort of brisk amble (and that on the flat).

Mr G also claims that he has been invited to return to Australia soon (although he neglected to mention by whom) and predicted that the Skeptics would fax all the news outlets to prevent him from receiving publicity. Presumably this will also be the psychic’s party line to account for the failure of the Geller tour, but the fact is that we do not waste our time on non-events. We welcome Mr G’s return for, as I advised him, Australians love a good joke.

Oh, those skeptics are a funny bunch... I remember this rather round older gentleman rush into the office to meet Uri Geller and myself... But I guess he has to try and spin a story like a Fox News anchor...