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Barry Williams

On a similar topic, you can learn a lot if you tap in to the assorted computer bulletin boards and networks (see article in this issue).

“Psychic Detective” Riley G, mentioned in the last issue, seemed to have infested a number of the networks with his curious claims about his psychic detective work, most of which were either extra-ordinarily banal occurrences or totally incomprehensible. He also spent a great deal of time publishing thinly veiled innuendos against James Randi.

This continued for some time until a very sternly worded communication from Randi, mentioning legal action, caused Riley G to disappear from the net. We doubt if this will be claimed by Randi as a supernatural occurrence. One of the last of Mr G’s postings said “Uri Geller has stopped Big Ben again”, which brought the expected snorts (electronic snorts) of amusement from the other subscribers. One even said, “No he didn’t, I did”.

Which brings the interesting speculation; if Geller claims to have stopped Big Ben (or any other large scale public act) and someone else claims they did it, would Uri sue? And if he did, how could he prove his case? Well, it wouldn’t be too difficult if Geller has the powers he claims to have. Would it?

Oh, those skeptics are a funny bunch... I remember this rather round older gentleman rush into the office to meet Uri Geller and myself... But I guess he has to try and spin a story like a Fox News anchor...