James Randi spies on Riley G


From geller-hotline Tue Aug 20 1993 12:19:08
From: James Randi --- Wizard <geller-hotline>
To: broadcast-geller-hotline
Date: 20 Aug 93 12:19:08 EDT
Subject: Notice.....

The man who calls himself, "Riley G." and claims to be an ex-police officer (though there's no evidence of that whatsoever) has been rather carelessly accepting various false claims about me, and distributing them on e-mail. I urge all those who have seen these postings, to carefully consider the source and to await the facts. The falsity of some of these claims had already been demonstrated, but "Riley" chooses not to tell you about all that. Frankly, I'll not spend much time spinning my wheels refuting daily his rantings, because I have a real life to live, too. Apparently he doesn't.

"Riley" (not his real name) is very exuberent over his revelations, but not at all correct. (For a former policeman, this seems strange!)Eventually, the facts will "out" and I invite you to be patient. It's very easy to blacken a reputation with lies, and that has been done a-plenty in my direction. When they can't successfully attack your work,they try to destroy you by other means.

The bottom line is that, as has been pointed out, any monstrous, secret life of mine has nothing at all to do with whether my findings on "psychic" matters are correct. And, folks, I'm not a monster. Honest!

(I wonder if Riley has picked up the manila package from Kansas City?)


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