Riley G's Psychic Teleporting "SUCCESS"
Teleport of a photo some 1,200 miles in 5 minutes

This incident is included in the following published book (page 88, 1st edition):
Astral Travel for Beginners : Transcend Time and Space With Out-Of-Body Experiences
By Richard Webster

Test conducted on September 17, 1996, at approx. 23:30 hours (11:30 p.m.)

While attending a private party of approx 50 people at a home in Stuart, Florida on September 17, 1996. A guest named Jeff Bibik asked the host if he had any photos of Mt. Rushmore on his computer or could look up one on the Internet. Jeff wanted a photo to include in a publicity flyer for some sort of business dealings.

I remembered that several years ago I had visited Mt. Rushmore and had a photo at home in New York City, NY and that I would send Jeff one of them if he gave me his address, and he agreed. Then I had a strange idea to try something that I have been thinking about for years. That is Teleporting an object from one place to another. I informed Jeff, the host and several other individuals at the party that I would teleport the photo from approximately 1,200 miles away in NYC to my hotel room at the Indian Springs Plantation Resort (Some 2 miles from the host's home).

I informed all present that I would try to teleport the object into an empty J&R cigar box inside my room. After 5 minutes of concentration, I visualized myself traveling through space and time back to my house in NYC, NY. There I opened a photo album and removed on photo of Mt. Rushmore and traveled back to Stuart, Florida. Once I visualized myself in the room, I placed the photo in the empty cigar box and traveled back to the host’s home.

While in my trance like state of mind, I thought I had performed the teleport completely. As the party ended we all traveled back to my hotel room were I opened the door to the room and let those concerned go inside and check out the results. Jeff and other witnesses took the locked cigar box and opened the clasp and looked inside. Lying on the bottom of the box was a single photo of Mt. Rushmore.

Proof positive of a successful psychic teleport.

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