Missing A-10 Warplane
Riley G's Psychic Viewing of a past event

Released to public on Sunday, April 6, 1997 06:45 AM

My remote viewing session on early Sunday morning April 6th, 97 revealed the following:

  • The pilot (Capt. Craig Button) of an A-10 warplane missing in Colorado was conscious as he flew into Colorado.
  • I sense that he made several special maneuvers to avoid man made ground objects and mountain ranges in Colorado.
  • I also feel that his intent was to bomb of the Denver Detention facility that contained the jailed OKC bomber.
  • I see that his plan failed as his warplane ran out of fuel and crashed into the mountain side near the Statebridge, Co. area.
  • It is unknown if the pilot ejected before the crash, but I don't think he did. As he was prepared to die for his radical cause.
  • I sense that he was having some recent problems in his family life that may have influenced this action in some way.

April 9th. No new press releases.
April 11th, No further information on plane location.

Update: May 01, 1997
The plane has been found in the mountains of Colorado some 40 miles from were I told the Air Force and other search personal to search. The pilot was killed in the crash and this will only delay or end the search for the reason he (pilot) was flying towards Denver, Colorado.
I also sense that another plane from same Arizona AF base as Capt. Button (A-10 warplane) will crash this month. the pilot of the crash will be missing from the crash site.

UPDATE: Wed, 28 May 1997 11:21:56 PDT
PHOENIX (Reuter) - An Air Force pilot is missing Wednesday after her A-10 Thunderbolt attack aircraft crashed at a training range in southwest Arizona Tuesday night.
The Air Force said the missing pilot, Capt. Amy Lynn Svoboda, was on a routine training mission from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona when her single-seat fighter crashed

It appears that my second RV was correct about the second crash of an A-10 warplane.

More To Follow....

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