JBR case
Riley G's Psychic Viewing of a past event

Released to public on March 29th, 1997

This information is old, and has long since been passed to the BOCO DA Office & Police Department and those concerned in the investigation. The JBR information is still confidential and can not be released without my consent (unless it is the Police Agency concerned). All of the private information that was sent to the FBI has been stripped from this WWW page. This psychic viewing is not meant to accuse anyone. It is only what I saw during a psychic viewing conducted back in Jan. 1997.

Riley G

  • My psychic viewing of the scene told me the Mother did the murder and the ransom letter is the key evidence.

  • The trigger for me was the major press on the family going to church just after the girls death.

  • I believe we will find out that she (Mother) was herself abused as a child by one or more of her parents during her beauty pageant days and this activity carried forth into her own little girls life.

  • The Mother may not remember killing JBR but I believe the arrest is very near in this case.

  • This is what I have told very few others in private conversations.

  • I have not to this date released any public releases in this matter because of possible court actions against me, and because any such releases would have hurt the criminal investigations at hand.

  • I saw the motive as the Mother trying to relive her own childhood through little 6 year old JBR.

  • I also saw that JBR was becoming less interested in the pageants and the Mother was trying to inflict the same torture that she herself went through as a child. This would also account for the photos of the bruises on JBR arms in several photos of past pageants.

  • On the night JBR was killed she (Mother) went way to far and killed her daughter (JBR) in a near insane rage.

  • After the Mother killed JBR she panicked after seeing the aftermath of her rage and came up with the ransom note idea.

  • JBR was killed and later found in an area of the house was used by the parents to hide things from the children, such as Christmas gifts and the like. The Mother felt more secure to do her dirty deeds in this room.


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