Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 13:44:28 -0400
From: James Randi <>
Subject: New Challenge to Randi...2
Sender: James Randi <>
To: Riley G <Riley.G>

How about the million-dollar prize for proof that this ever happened....?

Riley, you continue to amaze me, making stupid, wrong, juvenile statements just to see your name on a screen.

Your latest blather follows:

"I just love it when he has radio interviews lined up, and that he agreed to, but hangs up on the hosts after about 30 seconds into the broadcasts."

Prove it.  Collect the prize.

I hear nothing but crickets....  As usual.


Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 00:15:28 -0400
From: Riley G <Riley.G>
Subject: Riley G accepts Randi Million Dollar Challenge
Message-Id: <>

James Randi,

Since you have made me an offer that I can not refuse, I will attempt to go after your million dollar prize money for your comments with the required proof that you mentioned in the above email. What's that I hear, crickets. I hear the third times a charm.

You have written the above, now notarize and mail it to me at

Riley G
C/O Blood Brothers MC
Address Deleted
Brooklyn, NY zip code deleted


I await the mailing from you with the notarized copy of the email and challenge that you have stated to me. For you to back down now shows the world just what you really are! And that's a loud mouthed clap trap to has pulled the wool over your followers for many years.

I am awaiting!
Riley G

Now the Emails that brought on this
Unsolicited Challenge by James Randi.

From: Riley G
Subject: Re: New Challenge to Randi...

At 03:39 PM 4/4/99 -0400, you wrote:
>They've never even come close to proving it's true.  You mentioned Riley G. 
>NYPD.  Have you read up on this nut?  The Cunnan debacle.  He's made a complete
>fool of himself.  He has never backed up his claim that he was NYPD.  It
>should be
>easy.  And his accustaions against Randi are ridiculous and result from a claim
>similar to Benneth's.  That is, he created conditions that mede the test
>impossible.  And misread the rules to the point that makes me wonder about his
>reading ability.  Are you sure you want to defend Riley G.?  Yes or no.

Dear Happy Dog (??),

I suggest that you actually read the information from my web site rather than just passing along rumors and lies in reference to Serial Killer Andrew Cunanan.

And just how can you claim I screwed up on something when you can't even get the persons name correct. Sure, someone claiming to be from the Miami PD sent me a photo of a death scene that looked like Andrew Cunanan. I had this photo on my web site for about 1 week before I debunked it myself when the evidence proved is was not Andrew Cunanan.

As to your remarks about me never backing up my claims that I was NYPD, I suggest that you do better research. Hell, even the Septic Cult leader James Randi ate crow on that one. And speaking of the gutless wonder (Randi). He has always hated the fact that I have a copy of the court transcript and cassette tape of the infamous Sex Tape and other assorted items with what appears to be underage teen-age boys!

For the record, Randi refused me twice to take his psychic challenge. All I requested was direct access to the SAME DATA AFTER the tests, and for it to be done LIVE in front of an TV audience. This is something that would keep RANDI and his CULT honest, but he refused. Geez, I wonder why?

From: Riley G
Subject: New Challenge to Randi...2

And speaking of the gutless wonder James Randi again. I just love it when he has radio interviews lined up, and that he agreed to, but hangs up on the hosts after about 30 seconds into the broadcasts. Yes, Randi is a true professional GUTLESS WONDER with little or any legit talents in the entertainment world.

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