Precedence for James Randi & his JREF
challenging others for the over 1 million US dollars
for non-psychic related events

From: Riley G
Subject: More....

mike <> wrote in message
> Uhhh.i've been getting his hotline for years now, and i don't know what you're
> talking about. Have any specific examples of where he said this on the hotline?
> And besides, even if you're telling the truth, which i'm not convinced of, i
> don't think that randi could give the money away for that reason anyway. It's
> not all his, but donated by others for the specific purpose of giving to
> someone with "paranormal" abilities. That's the only way to legally get the
> prize. No matter what you or randi say

Try reading them! Here is just one such case, and there are more on record.

---cutting through the long winded Hotline--
And -- here you simply must admire the man for colossal gall -- I asked him to produce just one example of a "blatant fabrication" on my part (he said that he had a load of such fabrications) and offered to pay him the US$1.1 million prize I have on offer, if he could do so. He answered: "He disqualified me because I gave him 50 prime examples... He only asked for one!" And he still didn't name one of this stream of items he advertises! For more than a million dollars, he won't name one of this multitude of lies? Wanna buy some swampland in Florida, Mr. Duffie?
---end insert-----

The PRIZE money is all his to do with as he pleases (as he has claimed in other posts and communications), once again people should read what he has written on his web site and other areas rather than relying on passed on rumors. Randi has 10 days to transfer the 1 million plus US dollars from the special brokerage account to a successful claimant that proves there claim. Randi then will seek the pledge money from those that have made them. The money in the PRIZE is already there, ready to be given away. Will I be the one that sinks or busts Randi's bubble? After all, Randi made an unsolicited and legal contract to me via email for the million plus dollars if I could prove what I claim, and now that I have sent the notarized 7 page agreement to him in three original copies (Randi, Myself, My attorney) for his said non-psychic challenge to me. I am ready, willing and able to proceed in this matter.

Got Challenged, Got Notarized, and Going after the money!
Riley G

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