Randi Cowards away From His Challenge To Riley G

Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 14:43:00 -0400 (EDT)
From: James Randi --- Wizard <JREFInfo@ssr.com>
To: broadcast-JREFInfo@ssr.com
Subject: Eureka!

Well, I guess wonders will never cease! I've actually received a notarized copy of the Pigasus challenge form from that most-failed "psychic," Riley G.

The problem is, he doesn't list a "psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability," nor any demonstration thereof, that he can use to take the challenge! He seems not to be in touch with reality, as usual.

In a desperate attempt to get some attention, he quoted my comment about his claim that I hung up on some radio host or other, "after about 30 seconds into the broadcasts [sic]." I asked him, as I ask him now, to prove it.

My comment was, "How about the million-dollar prize for proof that this ever happened?" Yes, how about it? And how about those Yankees? How about that movie, "Shakespeare In Love"?

First, I never hung up on any radio host(s) in my life -- that I can remember -- and my memory in such matters is excellent. Second, if I ever did, and Riley proved it, that would not in any way constitute a "psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability," by any stretch of terminology. So what's his point?

If this wonder of nature will clearly state what he can do of a psychic, supernatural or paranormal nature, and under what conditions, we will be off and away on designing a mutually acceptable test. After that's done, I ask him to collect the Pigasus prize.

Typically, Riley demanded that I notarize copies of this form, send them to his lawyers, and get all excited. Yawn. But I shouldn't be surprised. Geller is in town, trying to get some of the reflected light from David Blaine's "buried alive" stunt. When Geller shows up, lawyers salivate.

But I'm waiting for Riley to make a claim.....


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