Randi: More crapiola....   Sigh.

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 00:26:50 -0400
From: James Randi
Subject: More crapiola....   Sigh.
To: Star List

Some "psychic" from Oklahoma who now lives in Brooklyn is fantacizing about my having offered him a "bribe" not to take the Pigasus Prize. Puhleeeeeze!  Why do I have to go after these juveniles just so that their silly claims don't get into the mythology of the woo-woo artists out there?

We have a guy in Germany who is after the prize, which he deserves because he lives on water and air.  The last guy we investigated on this claim -- they call themselves "Breatharians" (!) -- was caught coming back from MacDonald's.  Not only was he cheating, but he was eating junk.  Bad, bad, Breatharian!

Another guy says he will blast a tree outside my office with lightning. We're really worried.

Where are all the spoonbenders....?

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