Update to future terrorist Bombing(s) in NYC area

Americans, Jews Targets in N.Y. Bomb Plot
(July 31, 1997)

  • Police seized five bombs and arrested three men of Middle Eastern origin in a raid that apparently foiled an international plot to target Americans and Jews and bomb the New York subway, officials said.
  • In a joint statement the FBI and New York City Police Department said late Thursday night that evidence gathered so far indicated that two of the individuals intended to target ''U.S. and Jewish interests worldwide.''
  • The charges included conspiracy to damage and destroy buildings and vehicles with explosives. In a brief hearing, the men were assigned public defenders who requested that the suspects not be interrogated.
  • New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said that a plot to bomb subways was one of the possibilities being investigated by the Joint Terrorist Task Force of local, state and federal agencies.

August 2nd, 1997 update:

  • The men suspected of plotting to bomb New York City's subways planned the explosions for the Friday evening rush hour to attain maximum casualties in America's biggest city, a report said Saturday.
  • The report, which appeared in the New York Post, was not confirmed by officials, who said a police raid Thursday that led to the arrests of three men averted the attack by hours. The men have been linked to a radical Palestinian group.
  • ``I think we were close to a disaster here, but it didn't happen. And that's the good news,'' said James Kallstrom, the head of the FBI in New York, said Friday. ``Whether it was 12 hours or 18 hours, 24 or 36 is irrelevant.''

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