Psychic's 'vision' clashes with election results

'Riley G' offers his insights into the school board vote tally
By Laura D'Angelo

As votes in the school board elections were being tallied, anxious candidates stood by the tables observing every move made by ballot counter. But one person was watching from afar. "Psychic detective" Riley G was performing "a remote viewing" from his living room in Brooklyn. And he didn't like what he saw.

Riley G. - summoned by unsuccessful school board candidate Melvin Ladner - reported his observations in a fax last week to Ladner."I believe that I have found some acts of tampering and fraud. My remote viewing told me that several ballot boxes will be missing and that several other boxes will be found to [have been] tampered with."I sense that the tampered boxes will contain the same initials (BVK or BDK), the first name will be Beverly or Barbara. I'm not sure of the last name. In another ballot box I sense the numbers 2 and 3 are written in like handwriting style," it said.

Riley G listed the numbers on the boxes, followed by a disclaimer."Please have them checked for tampering. Sometimes the numbers spin in my mind and I have to figure these things out after the viewing."

On Friday, Ladner approached this reporter with a tip: Fraud is rampant in this election, he said. Initials will appear on ballots in boxes not yet opened, he said. He promised to reveal more details later and to name his mysterious source.That same day Ladner told the count director that ballot boxes from two election districts were missing. The director verified the claim by checking the pile. Board of Election officials resolved the matter the next day, saying that those election districts had been combined in other boxes.

On May 15, Ladner released Riley G's earlier predictions.

Riley G is a police officer who retired in 1991. He went out on disability, he said, after suffering a serious neck injury in an automobile accident.Riley G said he has found "missing persons and dangerous criminals" but won't name names.

Ladner, himself a retired police officer, says he has every confidence in Riley G. "This story is like a runaway train leaving the station Once this train leaves the station, no one will stop it," Ladner said.

The unsuccessful candidate said he has enlisted Riley G's help on police cases."Whenever I had my back to the wall on investigations I gave him a call. This case, I had my back against the wall because there's no way an individual can find fraud in the ballots," he said.

Ladner has a theory about the alleged tampering." believe it wasn't to make anyone a winner, but to make candidates losers," he said. "I think they dispersed ballots to other people. In other words, if I got 100 votes in a box,they would give only four or five."They are afraid of people like me getting power on the school board to look into the budget," Ladner charged.

When counter opened the ballot boxes "seen" by Riley G on May 13, Ladner cried foul and filed protests.Ladner said the numbers "2" and "3" were written in similar handwriting in 48 ballots, just as his seer said. Ladner said one person voted 48 times, by ranking their preferences in the same handwriting on each ballot.When the initials BMK appeared on 54 ballots in the box 60-56, as predicted, Ladner filed. another protest.

Barbara M. Kett, the chief clerk at the Staten Island Board of Elections, said she initialed the ballots after she changed the numbers of the election district to match the polling places. Inspectors had inadvertently taken the wrong pack of ballots to the polling sites on the day of the election, Ms. Kett said. The inspectors caught the mistake in time and summoned Ms.Kett. "There were two full-time employees watchin - Democrat and a Republican -- a police officer and varied inspectors. It was all above board. There was nothing illegal or shady about it, and it in no way affected the voting," she said.

The Board of Elections has yet to receive the formal protest, according to Ms. Kett. A determination of whether an investigation will be needed will be made at that time.

During an interview Tuesday, Riley G said he wasn't accusing Ms. Kett of tampering with the ballots, only stating that those boxes contained tampered ballots."I think the election will be thrown out," Riley G said. "It will take a month or a year. It's all going to tie in together, I think."

Riley G said he postponed a trip to Las Vegas, Miami and London because he sensed he would be called as a witness in a federal investigation that would ensue from the protests filed by Ladner.

An hour after an interview, Riley G faxed a message to the Advance with his picture in the right-hand corner of the page. "Thank you for the interview today. As I mentioned, I reveal no past cases that I have helped out on. I have never really publicly advertised my services, but since I have settled one of my suits in regards to my neck injury, I can now get back into business," he said. He also mentioned his business associate, Uri Geller.

"Uri and I were asked for help from a government agency in reference to Waco, Texas, a few months back. Uri and I never got a chance to help out in the matter. I think we could have solved the matter with peace rather than the outcome we all saw on national TV."

Riley G called the Advance again. He wanted to know when this story was running. He said he was sticking around New York for its publication. He believes the story will launch an investigation. We'll let you know if it does.

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