Riley G Interview
Ex-NYPD cop turned psychic detective Riley G tells how he tracked down serial killers.

By Sara Moran, Deputy Editor
Feature interview in Uri Geller's Encounters Magazine Jan. 1997 issue
(PDF version for download from magazine)

Watching the Detective
While the debate over Police involvement with Psychics continues here in Britain, Some US Forces actively seek their help. Riley G, ex-NYPD cop, is well known to US Police, he helps them track serial killers, find lost children and locate hidden corpses.

Lets start from the beginning.When and how did you discover you were psychic?
I first became aware of my psychic abilities when I was seven years of age. At the time I was playing in a rain swollen stream with my friend and one of my brothers when I almost drowned. As I was going under for what I thought was the last time, I saw myself from above and guided my physical self to the shoreline . Being that young I just thought it was normal for such actions to occur.

For how long were you a cop and how did your psychic ability affect your police work? Did you tell your colleagues about your ability?
I was a Police Officer for a sum total of 11.5 years. Of that time, I spent seven years in the US Army Military Police Corps traveling around the world serving the United States Military. The other four and a half years were with the New York City Police Department (NYPD). While in both organizations the only one who had a clue about my abilities was my partner with the NYPD.
My abilities helped me in the U.S. Military Police Corps as I was assigned to several important job functions. I was assigned to a Special Reaction Team (SRT) that was set up to respond to terrorist actions against Government Facilities and personnel in Europe. This is were my remote viewing and psychic sensing would come into play, as I knew that I could help find the locations of friendly and enemy targets. I was also assigned to several special narcotics teams and special operations (Warrants) units in Europe and NYC while in the U.S. Military. While in these units my job was to hunt down Service members that had fled the Military for crimes against the Government (Murders, Drug Dealers, Deserters, et al.)
While with the NYPD, I used my abilities to hunt down and arrest illegal gun carriers, drug dealers. At the time of my medical retirement from the NYPD, my partner and I were the number one arrest team in the 0'84 precinct.I was retired in September 1990 for injuries I received in a Police Car accident.

How does your psychic sense manifest itself?
For me it comes in flashes in my mind. I see the events as they happened, or are happening. I can sense what the killer or suspect sees at the time of the crime(s). I also pick up certain visions from holding murder weapons (Psychometry), and I also use a form a remote viewing.

Do you 'see' things about people you meet?
I make it a habit of not doing individual readings for people. I want to spend my time and efforts helping to solve crimes and I what to stay specialized in that area, to be the best Psychic Detective in the business. I have certain feelings about some people I meet. I try to keep this from happening for my own sanity. Working on Police cases and crimes is enough, and I don't need the added knowledge of unrelated things clouding my mind.

Have you ever had a premonition that has scared you?
I always had the premonition that me brother, Russell, would be shot and killed. On July 10th, 1995, Russell was shot and killed in Tulsa, Oklahoma while protecting a persons home from street gang members that were attempting to burglarize his former girl-friends home. I tried to warn my brother about the situation and how it would come about, but he chose to lay down his life for a friend.

Can you give us an example of a case where your powers have helped the police?
One with the cases that I worked on during my time with the NYPD comes to mind. It was the case of Charles May AKA: 'Tarzan'. Wanted by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) Wanted for Numerous Robberies, Attempted Murder, Weapons Possession, and countless related crimes.
My partner, police officer Ronald Fagan, and I arrested Tarzan on 1st March 1989 with more than a little help from my 'sixth sense'.
While on patrol in downtown Brooklyn, I had a premonition to turn at a corner and check out a white in color car that was parked some two blocks up the street. There was no real reason to do this, I just had one of my psychic flashes that something was up with this vehicle.
As I drove up to the car with my partner, their turned out to be three people in the car. As we approached the driver started the car and drove away. I hit the lights and siren to pull them over. About a mile or so into the chase, we were some 4 city blocks away when we noticed the suspect vehicle crash into the side of a building as he tried to make a right turn on a ice covered street, the three suspects run up the street they just crashed at. As we approached the scene I told Ron to duck down as I sensed that the driver had a gun and was about to shoot us as I drove up. Sure enough as I turned the same corner the suspect just crashed, the suspect driver was standing there with a gun pointed at our Police car. I slammed our Police car into several parked vehicles to keep from hitting bystanders and to keep from getting shot. We then had to give chase on foot while calling for backup. We eventually found the suspect hidden inside a trash container. After a brief struggle the suspect was arrested and transported to the station for processing. As we going through the motions, we noticed the same suspects picture on the precinct's wall. He was wanted for attempted murder, robberies in Manhattan. Charles May had shot a man in an elevator robbery when the man did not take his Rolex watch off fast enough for his liking. We had just arrested one of NYC's Most Wanted Criminals. All this from a psychic feeling. As an addition, Tarzan's car was stolen and he also had 8 grams of Crack on his person besides the loaded .380 semi-automatic pistol. The only reason Tarzan did not shoot us was because he had the safety on the gun engaged and was high on crack at the time. Lucky for us.

What about private cases that you have worked on, can you give us details on those?
Since I retired from the NYPD, I have helped in several murder cases, serial killer cases, and missing person cases, and certain classified cases for government agencies both in the USA and abroad. I can not comment on the private and Governmental cases as I can not reveal that information due to contractual agreements with those concerned. Yet there are several cases, past and present, that I am or have worked on that are what I consider public domain. One is the Green River Serial Killer case in the Seattle, Washington area, another is the Back-Packer Serial Killer in Australia.

The Green River Killer has not yet been caught...What does your psychic profile tell you about this person?
I am not accusing anyone and have to very careful when releasing profiles, I am only reporting what I saw in my psychic viewing and I personally feel these details may well lead to the Green River killer. In the initial psychic flashes I saw a white male picking up a prostitute. The white male was attempting to strangle the female when she pulled out some sort of knife or box cutter and slashed the suspect in the face and arms. The prostitute jumped out of the suspect vehicle and ran away. The suspect shortly thereafter went into a hospital and had these severe wounds looked after. During the time of the murders the suspect was not employed on a regular basis, but was in fact of on some sort of disability leave from his employer for a lower back problem. The suspect at the time did have a strong physical profile but was infect hampered at times because of this back problem. These days he is in need of a cane or some sort of crutch to get around, as the lower back problems have not gone away, but increased.
I sense that he was rather comfortable with the Green River, as he had been there many times in the past. I also sense that he was into the sport of kayaking and this is where his knowledge of the river came from. He may have placed the victims body inside the kayak for transport to the dumping sites on the river.
The suspect I believe hung out (still does) on the strip that the prostitutes were abducted from and killed. I also see that the suspect was arrested several times in the past for assault and battery on hookers. I get the name of Gerald or Geradine connected with the last attempted abduction for the purpose of committing a murder. This may be the name he used when picking the hooker up, or may have been the Hookers moniker. I get the initials A. A. for the suspects first and last name. The last name could well be Archer or some very similar in nature.

It must be very difficult to relax and switch off from your work, how do you manage to have time for yourself?
I unwind by riding one of my Harley-Davidson motorcycles. I have traveled around the USA, Europe on them. During my travels I forget about the crimes or cases I have worked on and refresh my mind with the good things in life. I do switch off the abilities. As I deal with the most cruel and abnormal side of human nature, I do this for my own sanity.

Do your powers ever disturb you? Have you ever crossed what you would consider the professional line?
The hardest thing for me to deal with was the murder of my brother. In helping in the hunt for my brother's killer I may have crossed the line at the time of his murders suicide. I have to ask myself if I caused the killer to take his own life when he was surrounded by the police that July 15th, 1995 or did he end it himself. As we had him surrounded in that second floor motel room, I remember wanting this low life to end his life as to save my family the pain and suffering of a court trial where his lawyers would try to make my brother look like the bad guy and possibly beat the murder charge. As we have all seen in certain cases in the past. He shot himself in the head with a .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol, the same one he killed my brother with.
I jumped on the Harley and hit the road for two months to retune myself and clear my thoughts after that.

Why do you limit your abilities and just deal with crime?
Well I do branch out now and again. I offered my help in the Waco siege problem - I wanted to donate my time and services to help the matter end in a peaceful resolve, but before I could help in the matter the world watched the conclusion of the incident in horror. I feel that my time on this Earth is help people in certain difficult and often painful crime-related situations. I feel that we all have a fair amount of psychic abilities, but we must learn to bring them out of ourselves. As we move into a totally new age, we will start seeing more people with special skills emerge from the masses. I was just lucky enough to release my abilities some 30 years ago in those rain swollen waters.

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